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Headaches & Migraines

The Treatment of Headaches & Migraines from a Chiropractor at Salinas Chiropractic

When people think about a chiropractor in Rochelle, IL, they often think about a healthcare provider who specializes in the treatment of back pain. While we can certainly help patients with back pain, we also provide treatment for headaches & migraines. These are debilitating conditions that can lead to a tremendous degree of discomfort for those who suffer from them on a regular basis. At Salinas Chiropractic, we are capable of treating headaches and migraines. Learn more about these common conditions below!


Types of Headaches and Migraines Seen at Salinas Chiropractic

At Salinas Chiropractic, there are a few common conditions that we treat. First, it is important to note that migraines are a type of headache. Some of the headaches that we see regularly include:

Tension Headache:  Without a doubt, this is the most common type of headache that we treat. A tension headache develops when the muscles around the scalp squeeze the head tight. This causes people to feel like a vice is squeezing around the head. As a chiropractor, we can perform adjustments and manipulations to release the muscles of the scalp and relax the vice that squeezes the head tight.

Migraine Headache: Another common form of headache that we treat is called a migraine. A migraine is a headache that stems from issues with the nerves and blood vessels that supply the head. There are two types of migraines. The first is called a migraine with aura, where someone has a sense that a migraine is about to start. This might be a bright flash of light or a strange smell. The second type of migraine is called a migraine without aura, where there is no warning. Once a migraine starts, it is marked by a pounding sensation in the head, nausea, vomiting, and fears of bright lights and loud noises. We can use adjustments and manipulations to alter the way blood flows through the head, helping people find relief.

At Salinas Chiropractic, we are here to help people with their headache and migraine concerns. We would be happy to do the same for you.

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At Salinas Chiropractic, we are a chiropractor in Rochelle, IL and we provide treatment to everyone for headaches & migraines. This includes you. We know that if you suffer from migraines on a regular basis, you would like to find a way to get them under control. That is where we can help. We will leverage the latest techniques in our field to ensure that your needs are met. Contact us today  at 815-562-6661 to learn more about how we can help you with your headache concerns!

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